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Goshen Utah


         COMING SOON!!!

Goshen will be gearing up to start its 2023 Water Infrastructure Project

    - Come to Council Meetings!!!!

    - Sign up for text/push alerts through Everbridge-  sign up for Goshen area alerts

    - Make sure that ALL of your points of contact are up to date with the Town Office on your accounts so we may contact you at any time through the process.

    - This project will be done in phases/sections at a time, allowing proper notifications to be given at least 4-5 days PRIOR to each of those residents who will be affected in that section at a time. Notices will be given to you personally as well as via text (if signed up through Everbridge), and social media, and posted at the postal office, Ryders, and Town Office. Contractors will give a courtesy knock the day/morning prior to working for informative purposes as well. 

   - If your residence is on the same side of the road as the water line, we will give you written notice to PROMPTLY REMOVE ANY OR ALL personal debris/vehicles, etc as to assure a safe right of way for our construction company and Town Water Line access.

  - Follow and FB posts, website posts, in-person notices at the post office, ryders station, or Town Office.