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Goshen Utah


Building Permit

Applicant Please Read Carefully

I agree to comply with all City, County and State Building Laws and Ordinances, and that the representations in this application for a building permits are true and accurate, and any misrepresentations or errors herein are the sole responsibility of applicant, and shall in no way incur or accrue liability or obligation to enforcing officers or agents.

This permit becomes null and void if work on construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended or abandoned for period of 180 days at any time after work is commenced.

I have checked the sewer depth and established setback from property line and will take all responsibility for setting building to meet all code requirements. I have Inspected all site improvements and found them to meet city standards and agree to repair any future damage up to reciept of certificate of occupancy. I am on authorized person for the above named applicant and I have read and agreed to these conditions.

The name typed into the signature field within our forms will be used as your signature consenting to this online application submission. By typing your name in the signature field and submitting the form you are consenting to the use of that field as your signature.