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Goshen Utah


ACH Utility Application

Applicant Please Read Carefully

The name typed into the signature field and information given within our online forms will be used as your signature consenting to this online application submission. By typing your name in the signature field and submitting the form you are consenting to the use of that field as your signature.

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      • Mayor - Steven Staheli (2022-2026)
    • Randy Thomas (2018-2023)
    • Alisha Williams (2022-2025)
    • J.C. Reynolds (2022-2025)
    • Charles Pipkin (2018-2023)
    • Town ClerkRachel Pena
    • Town Secretary Magen Carlisle
    • Public Works - Wayne Kinder
    • Public Works/Water Department- Jake Carlisle
    • Planning Commission -
    • Gregg Jasperson
    • Brayden Wulfenstein
    • Wyatt Schardine
    • Jim Jasperson